Nam Viet Oil (NVO) is the first non-state join stock company, which operates in the refinery and petrochemicals field in the Vietnam oil & gas industry. Our international orientation and strategy to 2015 is “To be a leading oil company in Vietnam with international image and countrywide and international distribution network. Each of NVO’s employees is considered as a valuable asset of NVO and they are treated respectfully. They'll have a good working environment to develop their talent so that they can contribute to the company’s development and their own prosperity and happiness”. Beside the production and trading field, NVO particularly focus on developing the world class human resource by trainning and recruiting the domestic and foreign talents.

We are looking for talented candidates to meet the following requirements:

-       Having the great ambition and desire to reach out to the world.

-       Looking forward to maximize talent and the deserved recognition.

-       Looking forward to training and working in the world class environment.

-       Desire to have an important contribution in the development of the oil and gas industry which are the energy of Vietnam and the world.

You’re the person whom NVO are looking for. You should see the NVO Recruitment and choose the appropriate position immediately. Then you download the application form, fill in it and send your resume to us quickly.